Featured in India s leading lifestyle magazine,this image is minimalistic yet endearing.My take on Staub!(pun intended!)

Pan Asian

A clean image of fresh Pan Asian ingredients,with an extra touch added by the hands holding the chopsticks.

Mighty Hands

Hands play an integral role in any movement.I find it extremely captivating when these are featured in any image with food. In this one of course, my very hardworking and involved hands have been featured. Plain curing of fish with salt,depicting a kind of mood where food is being prepped up.

Restaurant Menu

Food styling for a restaurant menu is always so exciting. An entire leg of lamb marinated in aromatic spices and grilled to perfection! Simply enticing!


This is one of the images shot for an editorial, in natural light. The styling is very simplistic and the focus is on the textures of the food. Do check it out on

Esther Amanna-Foodstylist

Burger King

Say hello to the king! A whopper to woo your tastebuds.Bite into one of these at your closest Burger King. Had the opportunity to shoot for this brand when they launched in India.




Care for a fresh and cooling  sparkling wine spritzer this summer? Available in three variants Brut,Rosè and Dèlise.

Indian Fare

 My take on a very regular, but much scrumptious fare. De-structured and graphic in presentation. A twist to the regular South Indian fare of fluffy Idli coupled with spicy coconut chutney.

Waffles galore!

Waffles with robust cherries,sweet blueberries, yummylicious chocolate sauce poured all over with a soft drizzle of sugar…my kind of a sunday love breakfast!