Powder puff

Added a bit of special effects to make the image really pop! The powder blast is really dramatic!


Perfume on a soft bed of delicate pale yellow white roses makes u want to dream on!


Super love the dark and light effect in this image!Soft ripples in the background with a very dynamic metal flower as a prop. Drama at its peak!


India Circus by Krsna Mehta…Lifestyle at its best!


Foodhall is one of the leading Lifestyle food superstores having a wide range of the freshest food produce.This project was quite interesting as had to design these hampers as the shoot progressed.


This one was so much fun. Created an interesting foliage with Tiger Orchids as the background.It had to look exotic yet have that archaic feel( like a Polaroid!). Me thinks the effect is totally fab!


Created this colourful layout with the Myglamm product range for their launch in India.  Check out the series of these visuals  NOW!


Experimented with coloured flares to get the desired background texture. The entire studio was covered in colour but did get the feel that I was looking for. Alls well that ends well on a shoot day!


Dainty golf cuffs for the perfect gentleman!Simply love the design.